We at Xuture realize that here in the Silicon Valley it is sometimes easier to get a massive funding rather than small amounts (less than $50,000) for budding entrepreneurs. Xuture was formed to close this gap in the VC industry.

Not only do we focus on large scale private equity, we excel in providing 'Xuture Capital' to budding entrepreneurs, who simply cannot break the bank anymore. Our unique one-on-one approach with small startups ensures success for both the entrepreneurs as well as our investors.

'Xuture Cap' or Micro-financing

Here at Xuture our niche is 'Xuture Cap' or micro-financing. We have created a micro equity program for startups. We understand the crucial problem for first-time entrepreneurs. While most VCs are reluctant to fund a first-time CEO who hasn't had a key position in a previous start-up, we take that measured risk. We Create CEOs ™

Most other VC's are not interested in anything less than $5M because the requirements are low. Unlike traditional venture capital firms we love to participate in early stage investments. We will guide and mentor you, and quite honestly tell you if your idea does not make sense. There is no roundabout way of doing business at Xuture, we say it like it is.

Our Investment Focus

Although we fund various kinds of business, being in the heart of Silicon Valley we are most interested in technology startups, green and clean tech. Our investments are mostly geared towards funding new ventures, tech transfer and expansion.

We do not shy away from non-tech startups and have known to fund things outside of the Information Technology domain. If we see a value in doing it, we will. We won't let you hanging for weeks. You will get a yay or nay from us sooner than any other venture capital firm you have pitched to. We respect your time, and want you to respect ours. Please make sure your presentation is no more than 13 slides and is somewhere along the lines of XC Slides. If we need further information, we will contact you.

What we Admire

We value disruptive technologies. We like change. We value people who challenge the status quo. We respect The Peter Principle and the people who are bothered by it. We like collaborative software. We love open source software. We like people who think things can be done in a better, more efficient and productive way. We like ideas. We love killer apps, rockin' gadgets and next generation technologies. We like technopreneurs and want to hear from you!

Unlike most other Venture Capital firms, we closely scrutinize all Business Plans that come to us. You will most definitely get a response from us within 7 business days. We will either accept or reject your plan or ask for more information.

Cash is King: Get it. Use It. Increase It.

The Big Idea

If you think you have the next best idea, talk to us! Writing a business plan is an important step for entrepreneurs. Learn about key elements and pointers before you submit your business idea to us or any other venture capital company. We prefer that all business plans and presentation slides be sent to us via email. To submit your business plans & presentations, please send an email to: ideas@xuture.com.

For any other questions, please contact us here.